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Major requests so far

We mainly use light van vehicles to assist with shopping, various deliveries, charter services, and small moves for single people, mainly in Kyoto city and its suburbs.

We also provide assistance with everyday shopping and the transportation of heavy items, furniture and appliances that are difficult to transport.

We can also assist you in transporting unwanted items generated from moving or cleaning your home to a cleaning center.


For customers outside Kyoto Prefecture

We have a wealth of experience in purchasing amulets and stamp books for our own temples in the city, purchasing Kyoto-exclusive items at events held around the city, and even purchasing and shipping Japanese and Western sweets.

We have also started providing a service for storing suitcases and baggage for customers traveling to Kyoto, as well as a delivery service to stations and accommodations.

Please make use of Teburaku, our service to help you with "empty-handed sightseeing."

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