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Examples of requested shopping services

We do our best to ensure that the item you inquire about is delivered to you safely by conducting preliminary research and listening carefully to your requests.


Amulets and stamps

We have a lot of experience in acting as purchasing agents for our own temples, mainly in Kyoto City.

Seasonal limited goshuin stamps, special event items, prayers for safe childbirth, etc.

We will take sufficient measures to prevent damage and water damage, and deliver the product using your preferred shipping method.

Beautiful Japanese sweets

Kyoto sweets, Western sweets, various sweets

We can handle everything from purchasing to shipping from long-established Japanese confectionery stores and popular sweets shops.

With due consideration given to hygiene, we will store the products in the required cool or warm condition and also ship them by refrigerated delivery.

Clothes, accessories etc.

Purchasing on your behalf at department stores and specialty stores across the city.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to purchase Kyoto-exclusive or limited quantity items.

Autumn fashion display
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