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Welcome to Malligraphy

Malligraphy is Japanese “Shodo” Workshop.


Welcome to Malligraphy.

​Malligraphy is a calligraphy workshop for foreign customers.

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Malligraphy calligraphy class

calligraphy workshop

Gallery/Examples of works

Malligraphy's menu

time schedule

​Time Schedule


​About tools and materials.


basic practice

We‘ll begin by explaning the tools and mateials used in calligraphy.

Such as ink,  paper, and brushes,etc...

By gaining prior knowledge, you can experience Japanese culture even more.


we will engage in the creation of our own works.

Select your favorite colored paper and kanji and make a fair copy.

​You can take your completed work home.

How to write things like “stop,” “splash” etc.

Learn the basics.

​You can create beautiful works by learning the basics.


Tea and Japanese sweets

At the end of the production, we will enjoy Japanese tea and

We serve Japanese sweets.

​The types of tea and Japanese sweets change daily.

Session C
Commission Request

You can request

a master calligrapher to write the words you want written.

Guests from Malligraphy

You can also write the couple's names in kanji.

Would you like to commemorate this?

​​Surrounding facilities

Lecture Profile

Marin Yano

Malligraphy​ lecture and master calligrapher

Graduated from Calligraphy Course, Department of Japanese Literature, Faculty of Letters, Hanazono University

​High school teacher's license (calligraphy)

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Malligraphy calligraphy class

calligraphy workshop

Contact Us


 Live house EN-LAB.

Gion First Building 4F, 281-1, Gion Town North Side Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, 605-0073



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