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Kyoto has many attractions such as Gion, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Heian Shrine, and Nijo Castle.
In fact, it is not exactly a convenient city in terms of transportation access.
As the number of visitors from overseas increases, it can be very stressful to carry large luggage around tourist spots and downtown areas where the roads are narrow and there are many slopes and cobblestone streets.

As a measure against the so-called "overtourism" that has become a problem recently, we are offering a "short-distance luggage delivery service" as an initiative that we can take ourselves.
has started.
For example, we can store your luggage from Kyoto Station to your hotel or inn, from the hotel to your next accommodation, etc., depending on your convenience.
Your luggage is insured in case of any trouble!
Please use with confidence.


You can come empty-handed.
Baggage derivery service.

Kyoto city (within 10km) ¥10,000
Kyoto⇄Uji City ¥12,000
Kyoto⇄Osaka City ¥13,000
Kyoto⇄Nara City ¥13,000
Kyoto⇄Kobe ¥16,000
Kyoto ⇄ Kansai Airport ¥18,000


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